What is a design system?


In companies that have multiple platforms, users, internal customers and suppliers, achieving functional and visual harmony becomes a priority; speaking the same language is essential.

A design system is that common language, with established parameters, and the necessary elements to build any user experience product.

It resembles an organism made up of small particles that come together to create more complex structures:

  • Nuclides: elements that cannot be used by themselves, such as colors.
  • Atoms: simpler elements of the whole system, such as buttons
  • Molecules: elements of medium complexity, such as modals.
  • Structures: highly complex elements, such as tables.

In short, it is the set of all the UX components of the brand, more than a style guide, it is a complete library with everything necessary to build a digital product.

The design systems ostensibly improve development and design times, as well as reduce errors and help users assimilate the company’s new platforms faster.

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