Digital agency with more than 10 years of experience


10 years ago we started to build this dream and it has slowly become a reality.

Steve Jobs used to say that you can’t connect the dots to the future, you can only connect them looking to the past and for our history, there couldn’t be a better description.

We started as a web development agency for other advertising agencies and new digital agencies that did not have the knowledge or the capacity to execute some projects; that when this new digital world was just beginning to take shape.

During that time we were fortunate to work indirectly for many companies, not only national but also international, doing all kinds of projects, we used to say that what we have not done is because it does not exist. We carry out more than 100 jobs for brands such as Visa, Tigo, UNE, EPM, Totto and many more, always giving our best.

With the passing of time, social networks arrived and our clients asked us to give them a hand, almost nobody knew about the subject and for us it was the perfect opportunity to combine all our knowledge in engineering and creativity in a new line of business: digital marketing. This line became one of the most successful of our company.

This is how we decided to take the leap and go from a web development agency to a full service digital agency.

The change and evolution of the digital medium has given us the opportunity to offer new services, such as the production of video clips and motion graphics, the design and development of online stores and the creation of design systems. Thus strengthening our portfolio more and more.

For years we have dedicated ourselves to digitally depeloped our customers, offering them a lot of value at the rigth price and achieving sucecess with them.

Today we are a solid company and our mission remains the same: to offer the best possible service, with world-class quality standards and absolute dedication to each of our clients.

We work every day so that these are the first 10 years of many more.

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