Design and development online store Hogar Universal

Based on the knowledge of the brand, its target audience and the goals of the company, we design and develop your online store; one of the first in Colombia within the Home and table category.

How did we do it?

  • We analyze the competition
  • We create a detailed scope document
  • We define the architecture of the store (departments, categories, map, etc)
  • We create the prototypes
  • We develop in VTEX
  • Integration with JDE
  • We tested
  • We deploy



  • SaaS cloud architecture in VTEX
  • Design mobile first
  • Single page checkout
  • Integration with ERP
  • Marketplace integration
  • Facebook and Instagram integration
  • Integration with e-mail Marketing platform (iCommkt)


Thanks to the knowledge of the audience, the development online store immediately connected with the target audience, breaking sales records every year.


  • Developed in VTEX
  • HTML
  • SCSS
  • JS

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