Dedication, quality and evolution.

Our mission is to offer the best possible service, with world-class quality standards and absolute dedication to each of our clients.

Evolve constantly in order to be better professionals and people, in order to achieve a better world.


In companies that have multiple platforms, users, internal customers and suppliers, achieving functional and visual harmony becomes a priority; speaking the same language is essential.

A design system is that common language, with established parameters, and the necessary elements to build any user experience product.

It resembles an organism made up of small particles that come together to create more complex structures:

  • Nuclides: elements that cannot be used by themselves, such as colors.
  • Atoms: simpler elements of the whole system, such as buttons
  • Molecules: elements of medium complexity, such as modals.
  • Structures: highly complex elements, such as tables.

In short, it is the set of all the UX components of the brand, more than a style guide, it is a complete library with everything necessary to build a digital product.

The design systems ostensibly improve development and design times, as well as reduce errors and help users assimilate the company’s new platforms faster.

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10 years ago we started to build this dream and it has slowly become a reality.

Steve Jobs used to say that you can’t connect the dots to the future, you can only connect them looking to the past and for our history, there couldn’t be a better description.

We started as a web development agency for other advertising agencies and new digital agencies that did not have the knowledge or the capacity to execute some projects; that when this new digital world was just beginning to take shape.

During that time we were fortunate to work indirectly for many companies, not only national but also international, doing all kinds of projects, we used to say that what we have not done is because it does not exist. We carry out more than 100 jobs for brands such as Visa, Tigo, UNE, EPM, Totto and many more, always giving our best.

With the passing of time, social networks arrived and our clients asked us to give them a hand, almost nobody knew about the subject and for us it was the perfect opportunity to combine all our knowledge in engineering and creativity in a new line of business: digital marketing. This line became one of the most successful of our company.

This is how we decided to take the leap and go from a web development agency to a full service digital agency.

The change and evolution of the digital medium has given us the opportunity to offer new services, such as the production of video clips and motion graphics, the design and development of online stores and the creation of design systems. Thus strengthening our portfolio more and more.

For years we have dedicated ourselves to digitally depeloped our customers, offering them a lot of value at the rigth price and achieving sucecess with them.

Today we are a solid company and our mission remains the same: to offer the best possible service, with world-class quality standards and absolute dedication to each of our clients.

We work every day so that these are the first 10 years of many more.

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5 e-commerce trends for 2021


The pandemic has brought with it a series of pros and cons to what was our daily life and reality. Just a few months ago, many consumers refused to leave physical stores to migrate to online purchases, but after discovering a completely comfortable and efficient virtual world, e-commerce continues to scale by leaps and bounds and grow every time more.


So, this year came with new opportunities and big trends. Which ones? ….. 2020 was in charge of changing everything: thoughts, activities, habits, to make way for a 2021 full of purchases but without crowds.


So that we can understand the growth of electronic commerce, according to data from CCCE (Colombian Chamber of Electronic Commerce), online sales have increased by 72% compared to ordinary sales on digital platforms. A figure that will undoubtedly continue to grow.


Learn with us what the trends are for this 2021 second period:

  1. Retail businesses move from traditional to digital platforms:


Increased restrictions and closures of small businesses have led to a search for digital alternatives. Many of these small establishments have not created an e-commerce as such, but through social networks, generally WhatsApp and Instagram, they have found a viable option to continue working. However, in 2021, we can see that these retailers decide to formalize and promote their sales through the two channels: traditional physical stores with virtual stores.


  1. Do not rule out augmented reality in your products:


One ​​of the main obstacles to online shopping is the inability to see the product as truthfully as possible. Augmented reality bridges this gap, allowing shoppers to better visualize the products they are interested in. This technology not only improves the conversion rate, also provides the possibility for each consumer to generate a personalized experience, and they will be able to see the product in their own space.

  1. Voice searches are increasing every day:


Voice search is growing exponentially and it is expected that in the remainder of 2021 it will be a strategy that provides customer-based solutions and a closer experience. Through voice search, shoppers no longer need to enter the website and navigate through it, but through verbal requests, they can directly find what they need. This will lead to a closer and more fluid dialogue between the buyer and the company.


  1. E-commerce with value


Users tend to have a higher affinity for value marks. Decisions are no longer just focused on price or quality, users with the greatest awareness and voice demand that the company has goals. Some of the characteristics sought are: respect for the environment, good working conditions, minority support positions, materials, manufacturing processes, etc.


  1. Easy and convenient payment methods


Digital wallets enable a faster and more agile checkout process, support orders without entering card details, and thus prevent fraud. If you haven’t considered this alternative for your online store yet, it’s time to do so.

What are the advantages of these trends?


  • Data analysis
  • User information
  • Less operating expenses
  • Greater range
  • Sales possibilities 24/7
  • Does not require much investment


To conclude, it is important to mention and know which products are the most trending and best-selling in the digital world. Food and fashion enter this small list as strong potential, followed by sporting accesories, beauty items and technological products.



In the middle of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, cryptocurrencies have taken on special relevance both for their users and for the governments involved. This digital money has become a kind of lifeline for many ukrainians, due to the restrictions to make use of their traditional money through cards and ATMs.

Cryptocurrencies in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine: A saving alternative

The ease and portability that cryptocurrencies represent have made them assume a leading role in the conflict that is currently taking place in Ukraine.

The tensions have caused the ukrainian bank to take action, including some restrictions that have complicated the use and administration of the money of the country’s inhabitants.

The story by Artyom Fedosov, a ukrainian photographer, it was much worse. Although it was complex not to be able to access his money due to the restrictions imposed by the banking system in his country, the situation is aggravated when he is a tourist and without the possibility of returning to his place of origin.

</ span> It was at that moment when Fedosov found his great ally in cryptocurrencies, why? </ span>

– Ease of exchange: it is simple to change from the official ukrainian currency to cryptocurrency, be it Bitcoin, Ethereum or the you want.

– Transactional offer: in the market there are more and more possibilities to access products and services by paying through cryptocurrencies.</span >

– Simple portability: you can take cryptocurrencies everywhere. You have the possibility of moving around any country and place with an amount of money, in this virtual case, without the possibility of being confiscated or paying taxes for it.

Ukraine and its great ally: cryptocurrencies

Beyond the benefits offered by cryptocurrencies vs. traditional money, there was also an event that marked a before and after for crypto in Ukraine. In the midst of the crisis, the ukrainian government has managed to donate around $60 million in cryptocurrency simply by posting their Bitcoin and Ether wallet addresses on Twitter.

Although the ukrainian government viewed cryptocurrencies favorably and considered them an important part of economic development, this fact made them more relevant to the point that the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy will sign a law that legalizes the use of cryptocurrencies in the country.

According to the Digital Trends web portal, the project creates: “the conditions for the launch of a legal market for virtual assets in Ukraine”. It also allows the country’s banks to open accounts for crypto companies and appoints the National Bank of Ukraine and the National Securities and Stock Market Commission as financial surveillance for the sector.

In conclusion, this model of virtual money -although it is not new- is still a subject that is largely unknown, it is setting a precedent in the midst of an international crisis . Demonstrating that it competes with traditional money and that it has greater facilities, becoming a great alternative for many people.

The promise to buy Twitter by the CEO of the company Tesla and SpaceX was a stir in the business and digital world. On April 14, the billionaire businessman offered a large amount of money for the shares of the renowned social network. Weeks have passed since that juicy initial offer and apparently Elon Musk leaves doubts and concerns that have made him think that there will no longer be a acquisition.
Musk has decided that “the agreement cannot move forward” until the number of fake and spam accounts on the platform is cleared up. Those responsible for the social network of the blue bird made it known to the richest man in the world through studies that this type of account reaches approximately 5% of active users, a figure that does not convince Musk. Since with this difficulty he runs the risk of not raising his advertising revenue in addition to the impossibility of subscriptions to paid services on Twitter.

Rumor has it that Musk’s strategy is to lower the initial offer

To date, due to the attitudes of the South African tycoon, Twitter shares in the stock market have been negatively affected and have reduced their value to up to 54 dollars per Unit.

Expert voices such as Susannah Streeter, an analyst at Hargreaves Lansdown told the Reuters agency, have expressed different opinions about what is happening in this negotiation. On the one hand, it is rumored that this it is a ruse by Musk to reduce the pretensions of his initial offer for 44,000 million dollars, exposing the flaws that Twitter may have at the time.

On the other hand, the real thing is that despite being the richest man in the world, he has decided to rely on shares in Tesla to support the purchase of the social network.

Fake accounts and bots

Twitter, like all other popular social networks, has 100% real users, but also accounts with secondary profiles of anonymous people with dark intentions or better known as spam accounts, There are also many bot accounts, since these are allowed in the blue bird’s social network, they are even marked as bots because some are positive, an example is the @tinycarebot bot, a bot that tweets as a reminder about the personal care.

According to the latest report by Twitter “the average number of fake or spam accounts during the first quarter of 2022 represented less than 5% of our active users”

Why does Elon Musk want a social network?

Well, the love that the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX has for Twitter is undeniable, to the point that he has made it one of his main communication channels when passing out communications of their companies.

However, for him it is not entirely perfect, since one of his premises is to turn the social network into a “bastion of freedom of expression”, how I would? Eliminating or better said modifying that shield of restrictions called: “content moderation”.

What can happen once this happens? Initially, the return of those accounts deleted or sanctioned for breaking the Twitter regulations, for example, could return the former president of the United States Donald Trump, who was blocked by Twitter when he incited his followers to take over the US Capitol. </ Span> general%2Ftwitter%2Flos-best-memes-shopping-elon-musk-n5424655

Something certain is that we do not know how far this freedom of expression will go for the opponents of the South African, such as some unions. 2Finformacion-general%2Ftwitter%2Flos-best-memes-la-purchase-elon-musk-n5424655

Is there an acquisition or not?

While waiting for how this business develops, rumors are heard from Internet users that the purchase will not take place, because Musk was already informed about the percentage of accounts false and this seems like a strategy to leave the business.